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01 May 2011 @ 04:20 am
inception reverse bang art - piece #2: Arthur/Eames  
Another piece made for i_reversebang challenge. Originally claimed by semicoloned and zinkini but the second author could not finish the fic due to RL complication. I hope she gets those issues sorted out soon and maybe we can co-operate another time.

Original promt piece, description and link to the beautiful fic are behind the cut.

semicoloned 's fic is here. It's beautifully written and 5284919328437 times better than my graphic, also better than what I wanted. Please read and comment, she deserves so much love <3

Here is the original piece (click for bigger size). Also, poster version.

Description: The art is inspired by the passionate, destructive relationship between two criminals potrayed in a film called Plata Quemada, so I reccommend you watch the film if you have time. It tells the story of two fugitives (Angel and Nene) sharing loneliness and pain, living their lives on the edge. Let's imagine: Arthur wants Eames, but pushes him away because of his inner demons (the voices he hears in his head). But that's also his psychotic, wordless attempt to save Eames from the sins they've commited (including that of being homosexual). Eames loves Arthur desperately, but feels hurt and powerless from being rejected by Arthur, so he seeks solace somewhere else. Their relationship is challenged by wrong decisions, betrayal and jealousy. I like some sequences in the film: Angel takes the ciggarette from Nene's mouth, Nene taking the bullet from Angel's shoulder while Angel's sreaming in agony, Nene tends Angel's wound and initiates a sexual advance only to be rebuffed, Angel pointing a gun towards Nene with murder in his eyes... Quotes from the movie: "Sometimes I think I'm one of the voices inside him" (Nene), "Am I the only one who hears them? What about you? Don't you hear voices making fun of you? Voices that criticize you? That confuse you? 'That's wrong. lf you carry on like this you'll lose him. He'll find someone better, you'll see.'" (Angel), "Angel's fingers always smell the same. They smell like saw dust, like gunpowder. Like blood, like sex, they remind me of things.  The toilets at Constitucion, the jobs, the road, cheap hotels, getting undressed, darkness." (Nene) 

doomsday serenade: Menuetto Allegretto - Franz Schubert